The historical city of Hampi has a lot to offer foodies. Its restaurants have a laid-back vibe and offer delicious spreads that are loved by one and all. Kosambari is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. It is a salad made with split raw moong daal and tempered with a generous amount of coconut shavings, asafoetida (hing), mustard seeds and fragrant curry leaves. A delightful mixture of textures and flavours, this dish is usually prepared during Navratri (a nine-day holy festival) as prasad (devotional offering) but is now a staple in the everyday local food. Another dish to try is badane kaayi, which is a mouth-watering, spice-filled-brinjal curry. It is best served with hot rice. One should not miss out on the delicious ellu chutney (ellu meaning sesame seeds) that is a popular accompaniment to many South Indian dishes. Try it at any of the traditional eateries in Hampi. Another must-try food item in Hampi is idli-dosa. While dosas are crepe-like pancakes, idlis are a type of savoury steamed rice cakes.

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