The city of Kolhapur is noted for Kolhapuri saaj, a special type of necklace worn here. It is liked by women all over the country for its intricate designs, unique appeal and royal grandeur. Earlier, the saaj comprised 21 leaves of various design pendants. It is believed to have been crafted about 60 years ago. Making this necklace requires immense patience and skill. Most of the ornaments made in Kolhapur derive their legacy from the Peshwas and the Marathas. Some other popular jewellery one can find in the city are chokar, bormal, mohanmal, har and malas, chaplahar, putlihar and pohehar, along with thushi, which is a choker made with intricately bound gold beads. Tourists can also shop for patlya, broad bangles; tode, finely carved thick bangles; bangdya, two sets of bangles; chinchpeti, which is a choker; nath, a nose ring and tanmani, which is a short necklace. The armlet called bajuband is also quite popular, along with flower-shaped earrings.

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