Immensely fashionable footwear, Kolhapuri chappals are renowned all over the country for their feather-like lightness and a flat and a thin sole. They are made in a variety of colours and designs and go well with both ethnic and fusion attires. Kolhapuri chappals are made from fine quality leather and traditionally come in a brown shade. They feature intricate thread designs woven on the wooden flap with a red tassel ball in the centre. Today, this ethnic version has been improved upon to give it vivid hues of purple, orange, gold, red, green and pink. Instead of thread embroidery, the flap also features pearls, sequins or stones. These footwear can be worn as daily wear and at parties, depending upon their embellishments.

It is said that Kolhapuri chappals originated in the villages of Maharashtra in the 13th century. The royal family discovered their unique designs and under their patronage, the chappals grew to become more beautiful and popular.

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