Almost like a colonial matriarch nurturing her heritage roots, the city of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, holds culture and tradition close to its heart. While it would give any Indian metropolis a run for its money with its grand structures, bustling markets, vibrant culinary scene, exquisite crafts and cultural sites, its historical legacy reigns supreme. Once the capital of British-India, Kolkata's colonial charm blends with its modern culture.

From slow-moving trams (the oldest in Asia) meandering around the city, racing iconic black and yellow cabs, women dressed in handwoven cotton sarees, antique tea and coffee houses hosting lengthy sessions of adda (discussions on various subjects like politics and society), legendary football clubs and old markets spilling over with products, the bustling metropolis has the laid-back soul of a quaint town. The city of joy, as Kolkata is fondly called, throbs with liveliness and festivities, which can be enjoyed throughout the year. Be it the opulent Durga Puja pandals strewn across the city or the humbly sweet Christmas celebrations at Bow Barracks or the colourful Chinese New Year festivities at Chinatown, festivals make the city a joy to visit.
To get a taste of the times gone by, visitors can sign on to heritage walks that take you through history, spirituality and colonial treks of the city. Gaze in awe at the sprawling Victoria Memorial, a pristine white beauty, as it sits proudly amidst neatly manicured lawns or take a tour of the ancestral home of poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, there are many interesting tidbits to mine from the heritage gold of Kolkata.
Don't forget to take the culinary trails that will introduce you to some of the most unique dishes you will ever sample. From sweet and spongy rosogolla (a cottage cheese dessert), spicy and sweet water-filled puchka (a savouy) and the delicious daab chingri (prawns cooked in green coconut) to ilish paturi (a type of steamed fish) and kosha mangsho (dry mutton curry), there's a lot to savour from the Bengali cuisine in the city. Also sample delicious cakes, a legacy of the British era, traditional Chinese dishes at Chinatown and several iconic Anglo-Indian spreads here.
Known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata continues to spawn award-winning poets, writers, film producers and Nobel Prize winners.

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