Made in the memory of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Rabindra Sadan receives visitors from across the globe who are interested in witnessing Kolkata's vibrant cultural treasures. Dance, drama and other cultural programmes along with exhibitions are regularly held at the sadan.


Its large stage allows for the performance of premier theatre as well as the screening of films, and many film festivals of Kolkata have been held at this venue for many years. The Nandan Pashcimabanga Bangla Akademi (West Bengal Bengali Academy) and Ganganendra Pradarshanshala are also located here. Besides, Sisir Mancha, Academy of Fine Arts and The Calcutta Information Centre make Rabindra Sadan the favourite haunt of culture lovers. Located near the Nandan Cinema and cultural complex, Rabindra Sadan is on Belvedere Road.

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