Dangling between North East India and Bangladesh, the state of Tripura is tucked in mythology, and a history of over 2,500 years and 186 kings. According to the 'Rajmala’, Tripura’s celebrated court chronicle, an ancient king named 'Tripur' ruled over these territorial domains, which explains the current name. Tripura’s peacefully pristine co-existence down the annals of time, constitute its irresistible charm as a tourist destination. The diversity of cultural streams and faiths, ancient temples, an epic history, spellbinding archaeology, handicrafts, traditional arts and music, bountiful biodiversity, and flushing meadows are but a few of the experiences of Tripura.

Endowed with rich variety of tourist attractions consisting of archaeological monuments, palaces, water bodies, temples, mosques & Buddhist Stupas of religious significance, forest and wild life, traditional craftsmanship, rich cultural diversity, Tripura offers vast potential for growth of Tourism.