Home to several royal dynasties that enjoyed an opulent and an ostentatious lifestyle, India is a land steeped in history. Over the years, age-old cultures, traditions, arts and practices have been blending seamlessly with modern comforts, culminating to tailor a regal experience for tourists who want to sample luxury. From its northernmost tip to its southernmost end, the country has a number of luxurious escapades that warrant a splurge. While spanning its eastern corner to the western coast, India offers luxe experiences galore — these range from rejuvenating beach getaways, luxurious oases in the desert, jungle jaunts, and even glorious experiences on cruises and trains. 

The diversity of a vast country like India is legendary, and even more notable is how the country’s colourful culture is showcased beautifully through the lens of luxury. You may want to experience the gems of the jungle: why not do it in the forests as the regal Rajput royals did? You may want to take a journey through the interiors of the country: why not hop on board an elegant train for a ride to remember? You may want to tee off and relax: why not do it at some of the most scenic golf courses in the world? Whatever you desire from your vacation, India has the answer—one that’s laced with panache!

India has consistently ranked high when it comes to some of the world’s most regal getaways. Truly, the call of the luxury is never too far, no matter which corner of the country you visit!

Opulent Odysseys

Script your Indian adventure amidst opulent palaces, heritage hotels, splendid weddings and resplendent trains.