Jharkhand is endowed with rich cultural heritage and bestowed liberally with bounties of nature. The State is kaleidoscope of past splendours and present glory. A fascinating State with luxuriant forest, captivating wild life, enthralling water falls, exquisite handicrafts, adventure tourism, sprawling water bodies, enchanting classical and folk dances and music and above all hospitable and peace loving people. The State of Jharkhand is blessed with immense bio-diversity, moderate climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, religious places of worship and ethnic aspects to make the State the ultimate destination for tourists. The lush green forests, rivers and waterfalls of this primeval land are home to many kinds of spectacular flora and fauna. Age-old tribes are the main inhabit of this wonderful land, the state is also a hubs of industry, commerce and education.

A treasure-trove of minerals comprises 40 per cent of the mineral wealth of the country ranking first in the production of coal, mica and iron and helps in making Jharkhand one of the richest state of India in natural resources. Not just the lush forest, but the great water bodies, falls and dams make perfect picnic spots for that quiet day to be spent in the arms of nature. The warm sun, tinkling water, manmade architectural beauties in the form of dams make it worth a visit. Religious shrines fill your heart with hope. Jharkhand is proud to be housing many different religious shrines that are crowded by devotees all though the year. The State Government has a firm belief that development of tourism sector would not only generate immense employment opportunities directly or indirectly, but also contribute in accelerating economic development. This would not only ensure show casing of rich traditional and cultural heritage of the State but also would have cascading effect in development of other sectors. Jharkhand Tourism exclusively focuses on domestic and inbound tourism into Jharkhand to reassure the position of the State as a preferred tourist destination in India.