A prominent Hindu pilgrimage centre, Baidyanath Deogarh, in Jharkhand, is steeped in spirituality. Home to the famous and unique Baidyanath Temple, which is the only temple in the country to be both a jyotirlinga (shrine representing Lord Shiva) and a shaktipeetha (devotional shrine where the severed body parts of Goddess Sati fell), it holds a special devotional place in the hearts of pilgrims. The popularity of the temple is in part due to its mention in the ancient Hindu texts, Puranas.

Deogarh is particularly swarmed with visitors during the mela of Shravan, the fifth month of the Hindu calendar system, coinciding with July and August. During this time, millions of devotees come here from various parts of the country to offer holy water obtained from River Ganges to Lord Shiva. Quaint Deogarh also holds relative significance for those of the Buddhist faith, as there are many ruins of Buddhist monasteries here. The landscape itself is quite inviting and the place enjoys a pleasant climate in winter.