Andhra Pradesh presents a glorious synthesis of culture against a colourful natural backdrop.  Varied wildlife, rich history, vivid culture, majestic architecture make Andhra Pradesh a destination of endless surprises. Welcoming visitors with innumerable charming facets Andhra Pradesh captivates the eager traveller, looking for a wonderful holiday experience. Andhra Pradesh Tourism has always been the frontrunner in attracting greatest number of tourists, inland and foreign, as it boasts of a naturally, ecologically, culturally and religiously rich and diverse variety of tourist destinations that are treasures of visual treat where one can continuously explore new experiences of visitor gratification and delight.

Bounding in natural resources, the state of Andhra Pradesh having the longest eastern coastline and with a trail of Buddha Period glory, houses and holds many heritage sites adorned with pristine splendour, the forts, citadels and architectural masterpieces built by the past Royal hegemony and its noble Emperors. The magnificent palaces and places, monuments, memorials, tombs and stately structures built by them reflect the art and craftsmanship, architecture and culture that originated on this land. There are beautiful dams, valleys, hills and ridges with the scenic dale, tranquil lake waters, swirling beach waves, meadows, resorts, hill stations, caves, virgin forests, sanctuaries and national parks which a visitor can enjoy to his heart's content.

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Andhra Pradesh

Interesting Facts about Andhra Pradesh

The Bobbili town is famous for crafting the string instrument Veena which has secured a GI tag in 2012. In vibrant shades these ornamental musical instruments with their tiny resonators are an epitome of carnatic music.

The beautiful , muted yellow brass ware crafted at the Village Budhiti is a way of life and a form of worship to the divine with idols and temple bells.

The fame of Dharmavaram saris owes much to the water which during the dyeing process imparts softness and shine to the product.

Etikoppaka toys have been awarded the UNESCO –CCI seal and award of Excellence for its usage of vegetable dyes and Bixa Orellana – a shrub used for making the toys.

A GI tag holder , Ponduru Khadi comes in two varieties – one made with yarn of white hill cotton with 105 counts and other with Red cotton with 40 counts

Nimmalakunta and Narsaraopet have attained GI tag for its Leather Puppetry- Tholubommalata, with its rich folk art has a traditional assimilation of Andhra Culture.

Kuchipudi is one of the eight major Indian classical dances. Kuchipudi is the birthplace of Siddhendra Yogi, the originator of Kuchipudi dance form, which is famous throughout the world.

Kondapalli crafts are lightweight and depict rural life in all theirvariety and colour. The Bommala Colony is registered as a Handicraft Geographical Indication.

The raja rani toys are more than tradition believed to represent Lord Venkateswara and his consort. These toys can be dressed as King and Queen , Bride and Groom and even a simple man and a woman.