Built between the 2nd Century BC and the 2nd Century AD, the Chandavaran Buddhist Site is the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh. A fascinating place for history and archaeology lovers, it is perched atop a hill called Singarayakonda. It also boasts the Chandavaram Stupa that bears a stark resemblance with the famous Dharajaka Stupa in Taxila. The double terraced stupa is also known as the Maha Stupa and displays characteristics of the stupas built under the Hinayana form of Buddhism. The archaeological site also houses 15 regular-sized stupas and 100 small stupas along with the Maha Chaitya, Silamandapa, Vihara and more than two dozen Buddhist slabs adorned with inscriptions and designs. Located on the banks of River Gundlakamma, Chadavaram lies in the Prakasam district and is easily reachable from Amaravati.

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