The renowned Kondapalli toys of Amaravati are crafted by the skilled artists of Kondapalli village. The toys are known for their bright colours and distinct features and are made using a 500-year-old process. To get a peek into how these toys are created, tourists can visit the Kondapalli village that is lined with stores selling colourful wooden toys. The village has also gained fame for the popular dancing dolls of Thanjavur that are now manufactured here. As you walk through the main street of the village, you will hear muffled knocks coming out of small workshops being run in the homes of the villagers. Around 200 people from all families of the village are involved in this traditional art. The Kondapalli toys used to be a special part of the Sakranti and Navaratri festivals in older times. Visiting this amazing village gives tourists a chance to interact with the extremely hospitable families of the artists and to get closer to the culture and traditions of Andhra Pradesh.

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