Poised along the banks of River Krishna, the quaint town of Amaravati, in Andhra Pradesh, is rooted in rich Buddhist culture. Dotted with various remnants of ancient Buddhist settlements, Amaravati is a retreat for followers of Buddhism and lovers of history. Located around 35 km from Vijayawada, the town was an ancient Buddhist settlement called Chintapalli. The stupa here, built in 3rd century BC during Mauryan king Ashoka’s reign, was apparently bigger than the one at Sanchi and had a gateway at each cardinal point. One of the gateways was reconstructed and can be seen, though all other structures no longer exist. Stories from the life of Lord Buddha is carved on this gateway.

Tourists can also visit the Kondapalli toy village, which is the hub of the renowned Kondapalli toys that are made using a 500-year-old process and are known for their bright colours and distinct features.