When in Goa, do as the Goans do; leave your watch at home. For honestly speaking, time is not of too much importance in this small state of India. Goa, an emerald land, is a ‘state’ of mind. A mind that is completely relaxed, content and jubilant. Located on the West Coast of India in the Konkan Region, Goa is a major tourist attraction for domestic and foreign tourists alike. Panaji, a picturesque city by the river Mandovi is the capital of Goa.  With endless stretches of white sand, palm fringed beaches, brightly painted houses and Portugese heritage, Goa is breathtaking. Water sports, river cruises, ayurvedic massage centres, live music, restaurants, mouth watering sea food, Goa has it all.

A variety of accommodation options ranging from luxury hotels, beautiful villas to moderately priced hotels and bed & breakfast units, is another feature of Goa which makes it a destination of choice for all.

Dudhsagar waterfalls tumbling from a staggering height are a must visit. Spice farms, old heritage Portugese villas, churches, temples, architecture are other riveting aspects of Goa. Myriad experiences of Goa promise to make your holiday an everlasting experience.

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Interesting Facts about Goa

Goa’s famous spirit, is made out of cashew apples that are crushed by barefoot men. The extracted juice is then allowed to ferment.

Goa has a vibrant tribal culture. The Kunbis, for instance, are known for exciting music. Don’t miss their songs during the harvest and festivals like Sao Jao.

The interesting thing about Fudgi dance is that it is danced… without music! The movement and rhythm come from the clapping and singing of the dancers.

The ritual of walking on burning embers is still observed in Goa! The fire-walkers follow the path of Godess Lahirai, who is said to have walked over the fire to protect women.

Goa is the smallest state in India. Only 106 km separate the extreme north of Goa’s coastline and the extreme south.

The first printing press in the whole of Asia was established in Goa, in 1556.

Se Cathedral, located in Old Goa, was until recently the largest church in Asia (in 2017, an even bigger church was inaugurated in Nagaland).

In Goa, you will find India’s only two-wheeler taxis: the Pilots, which operate on motorbikes.

Konkani, the official language of Goa, can be written in five scripts: Devnagari, Roman, Kannada, Malayalam and Arabic.

The body of Saint Francis Xavier lies inside Bom Jesus Basilica, in a glass case. Worshipers believe it is a miracle as the body never decayed and naturally mummified.