Explore Goa city and its best places to visit

The pocket-sized paradise of Goa is a traveller's dream. Sun, sea, sand, spices, spirituality and seafood, along with a balmy weather, call to the soul of trekkers, backpackers, nature lovers and those who simply want to languish in its slow-paced and relaxed vibes. Located by the glistening waters of the Arabian Sea on India’s western coast, the state of Goa is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, rich culture and pristine natural beauty. Formerly a Portuguese colony, Goa offers travellers a chance to experience a unique blend of sandy shores, forests, monuments and delectable cuisine, attracting tourists across age groups.

Its landscape is dotted with a vast range of accommodation options, ranging from ultra-luxurious resorts and boutique hotels to youth hostels, budget-friendly guest houses and private, rentable spaces. These aspects, and more, make Goa a holiday hotspot for large families, solo travellers, backpackers and every other kind of traveller. During winter, its festive ambience is at its peak, while in summers, it boasts lovely weather that’s perfect for a splash in the sea. Monsoon spreads lush greenery across its verdant vistas, peppered with gorgeous waterfalls, making it a trekker’s paradise. Photography enthusiasts, culture buffs, history lovers and night birds – there's something for everyone in the sunshine state. Natural beauty is often said to inspire creativity, and Goa has been home to several gifted artists. Padma Vibhushan, Mario Miranda, the renowned cartoonist and illustrator, spent years creating several of his signature artworks here. Even today, he is best known for his pieces depicting life in a Goan village. Celebrated fashion designer Wendell Rodricks, too, is based out of this beautiful state.

As one of the smallest states in India in terms of geographical extent, Goa packs a vast spectrum of cultural experiences. Portuguese, Maharashtrian and Konkani influences are evident in language, food, architecture, dress and dance. Several festivals are celebrated here that bear testimony to its multi-cultural glory. Such are the charms of Goa that even film-makers and writers have found picture-perfect locations here. Goa has been the backdrop of numerous Indian movies, which have captured its spirit as a haven of unforgettable experiences.

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