Situated in the village of Mardol, about 22 km from the state capital, the temple of Mahalasa Narayani is a beautiful structure. The presiding deity, Mahalasa, is a Hindu goddess, who is considered to be the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is famed for some unique characteristics like the tall samai (lamp) or the dnyandeepa, a historic bell, a grand copper roof and more. 

Legend has it that a beautiful goddess once appeared at Verna village, and was first seen by a shepherd, Sahastrapal. He was asked by the goddess to bring his master but the shepherd hesitated and said that his cattle was thirsty. The goddess, with her nupur (musical ornament worn on ankles), created a spring that is said to exist till today. Though the shepherd went to get his master, he could only manage to bring back his son-in-law, named Mhal Pai, who was told by the goddess to construct a temple to enable her to reside there as Mahalasa Narayani. With huge wooden pillars and a silver-framed doorway, the beautiful temple of Mahalasa has a huge brass ornamental pillar lamp, 40 ft high. It is a sight to behold when the pillar lamp is lit during the annual jatra days. The temple also celebrates Jaiyanchi Puja around August and Kojagiri Poornima on full moon days after the monsoon and these are attended by devotees from across the state.

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