West Bengal is located in the eastern part of India on the Bay of Bengal, covering total area of 88,752 Kms. The state is surrounded by Sikkim and Bhutan in the north, Assam in the northeast, Bangladesh in the east, Bay of Bengal in the south, Odisha in the southwest, Jharkhand & Bihar in the west, and Nepal in the northwest.
West Bengal has got heterogeneous geographical division with countless natural assets, stretching from Darjeeling Himalayan range of mountains in the north to the Gangetic Plain in the south, from quiet beaches across the coastal region to the world’s largest Delta which is also known for being the natural habitat of wild scarce species of Royal Bengal tigers at mangrove estuaries of Sundarbans, from green varied landscapes to vast historical events starting from ancient  & classical period, medieval & early modern period, colonial period to independence and afterwards.  


The limitless irresistible features comprises of unwind rich history, heritage architecture, finery arts and crafts, vibrant folk festivals, music-theatre-drama, traditional celebrations, delicious cuisines and ethnic specialties which is magical about this land. Adding to its lure numerous great works has taken birth here since immemorial time in the form of unforgettable lyrics, poetry, art, prose. It has witnessed ultimate vision and inspiration being the home to legendary saints, preachers, poets, thinkers, freedom fighters, singers, sportsmen, film-makers, scientists, academicians and is crowned as the cultural and intellectual hub since pre-colonial times.
West Bengal is the fourth-most-populous state in the India and is religiously diverse. West Bengal produces several varieties of Handloom cotton and silk in the country which is a popular way of livelihood to the rural population of the state. Durga Puja is the biggest, most popular and widely celebrated festival in the state and the five-day-long colorful Hindu festival witnesses’ intense celebration across the state. Last but not the least Cricket and Football are popular sports in the state.