Steeped in history, the city of Bishnupur, in West Bengal, is a cultural centre of the state. From beautiful terracotta artefacts and dhokra (dokra) crafts to Baluchari sarees, depicting mythological events on their borders, Bishnupur is an art-lover's delight. Speckled with ancient and unique temples, some of which no longer house idols, Bishnupur provides an ideal opportunity to experience quaint charm and explore rich history.

The origin of the Bishnupur can be traced back to as far as 694 AD when king Raghunath founded the Malla dynasty. But it was in 994 AD that it was named Bishnupur, after the Hindu god Vishnu. Along with art and heritage, this picturesque city is also home to two important centres of cultural studies – the School of Hindustani Music, which flourished under royal patronage, and the Bishnupur School of Painting.

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