Situated on the banks of Kangsabati river, Midnapore and surrounding regions are dotted with grand palaces. The Jhargram Raj Palace, situated near the Shyam Rai Temple, is a major attraction. Though it has been converted into a heritage hotel, it retains its ancient charm. Tourists can also take a detour to the nearby town of Chandrakona, which is home to the majestic forts of Ramgarh and Lalgarh, built by the Chauhan dynasty. Tourists can also head to Jora Masjid or the twin mosques that stand next to each other. During the festival of Eid, the mosques become a beacon lit up with lights and decorated with flowers.


Pathra, located about 10 km from the main town, boasts many heritage sites like the Vishnu Lokeshwar statue that has both Hindu and Buddhist influences. 

Other Attractions in Bishnupur