Home to thousands of artisans and craftsmen, Bishnupur is a delight for shopaholics and admirers of art in every way. From the beautiful Baluchari sarees that depict mythological events on their borders to exquisite terracotta artefacts, the narrow alleys of the city are lined with possibly the largest variety of artefacts in Bengal. Head to the colonies of weavers near Tantipara and Bagan and witness local weavers making elaborate Baluchari sarees before you finally buy one from the main market. Bishnupur is also known for its terracotta products, and Bankura horses are the most famous of them all. Visit the Panchmura village to shop for these horses and other terracotta products. Another popular art form of the area is dhokra art, which is carried out by tribal communities living in the region. From images of deities and animal figurines to jewellery and utility items, you can choose from a wide range of dhokra art products to take back home.