A visit to Bishnupur is incomplete without buying beautiful Baluchari sarees, which are a hallmark of the region. Known for carrying elaborate motifs on the border and pallu, they were first made in a small village called Baluchar, in Murshidabad district. The Nawab of Bengal, Murshidkuli Khan, brought the craft to Baluchar from Dhaka (now in Bangladesh) and encouraged local weavers to practice the art of weaving these sarees. The industry moved to Bishnupur after a massive flood left Baluchar village submerged.


Baluchari sarees are characterised by depictions of mythological tales on their borders and it takes a weaver at least one week to weave a single saree. One sareee might even have an entire episode of the epic Mahabharata on its borders! The main material used for making these sarees is silk and once the weaving is done, the saree is finally polished. The craftsmen of Bishnupur have adopted eco-friendly techniques to keep up with changing times by using colours and yarns that are harmless.