Pristine beaches, spiritual retreat, multi-cultural and well-planned township reminiscent of French colonial rule... Pondy is your perfect weekend getaway. Some places have the power to lure you back again and again. Pondicherry is one such place. Natural beauty with blue waters on one side and greenery on the other, multi-cuisine restaurants, virgin beaches and cheap beer... for all this and more, Puducherry is definitely one helluva place, perfect for a weekend getaway. And the best thing is that being a small town, you don't need a guide and can explore it on your own. Be it the architecture of the buildings or even the patterns of the streets, one can't help but marvel at the colonial style. You can spend half a day admiring many heritage buildings and monuments in Puducherry.  Nothing like lazing around by the sea. The place has quite a few stunningly picturesque beaches. Pondy is also the place for those who love to try exciting stuff of adventurous sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc. Do away with taxis and autos. For a change, hire a bicycle to go round the small town. It's not just cost effective, but eco-friendly too.  And, it's also the best way to take in the sights and sounds of the place.  The Union Territory with its tranquil surroundings, quiet lanes and places like Aurobindo Ashram, Manakula Vinayagar Temple and Matri Mandir (located inside Auroville) is a perfect escape for those seeking spiritual gratification. Another place for the spiritual soul is definitely the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The town has an interesting amalgamation of food — sea food, organic food, Italian, Mexican, French, Continental and Chinese food — you name it and its there! Pondy offers innumerable accommodation options — hotels, homestays with kitchenette, cottages. You could either opt to stay by the sea or in the city limits where food is more accessible. Lodging is available for every budget, and in some cases, you can book online as well.