Uttar Pradesh is one of the states that aesthetically defines India and its rich history that’s as ancient as the time known. This is the land wherein great sages have emerged, religions evolved and two great epic of India: Ramayana and Mahabharata have been inspired from. With each progressing century, the state has vouched for the secularity of India by giving home to various religions: Hindu, Jainism, Islamic, Buddhist and more.

Apart from Varanasi (the spiritual capital of India), Prayagraj, the holy confluence of two major rivers- Ganga and Yamuna flowing in the subcontinent and of course Agra that beautifully preserves the intellectual excellency of Mughal architecture– there are many more destinations here that piques the interest of every traveller and displays every shade of Indian ethnicity. More of which can be explored in special events and festivals that embarks gathering of pilgrims from all across the country and nation’s borders, be it annual the Holi festivals in Barsaana and likewise or iconic Kumbh gathering held once in 12years, at Prayagraj. Travel Uttar Pradesh to explore India's culture and the origin of human beliefs.