Tucked away at a distance of 22 km from Bishnupur, Panchmura village, in Bankura district, is famed for its attractive terracotta products. Home to around 70 families of terracotta artists, the village offers visitors a plethora of artefacts ranging from animal and human figurines to home decor and jewellery. Tourists can visit the Rural Craft Hub that was set up by the Government of West Bengal in association with UNESCO. While visiting the village, tourists can learn about the whole process of the art and also interact with the locals. The annual Terracotta Festival is a highlight that gives tourists an opportunity to learn the craft and shop for amazing ethnic art-ware. Visitors can also participate in various craft-making workshops at the Folk Art Centre.

The artefacts made in Panchmura are believed to be one of the first successful attempts by humans at clay modelling. The art form originated as a part of the religious rituals with the Bankura horse being a sign of devotion and bravery. It is believed that the people of Panchmura have been practicing this art form ever since the 7th century AD, when the region was under the rule of the Malla kings of Bishnupur.