Located in the main square of Old Goa, the Church of St Francis of Assisi is around 10 km from Panaji. The church was established by eight Franciscan friars who arrived in Goa in 1517. Retaining the Portuguese-Manueline style portal of its older structure, which was built in 1665, the Church of St Francis of Assisi, offers a fascinating visual contrast between its simple exterior facade and its lavish Baroque interior. Featuring Corinthian influences, the interior is beautifully decorated. The main altar is the highlight, with a large statue of St Francis of Assisi above it, along with another of Jesus Christ. It is flanked on either side by paintings on wood depicting the life and times of its patron saint.

The church started off as a chapel was upgraded to a church in 1521 and consecrated in 1602 with the present structure being built in 1661. Contiguous to the church is the convent, which is now home to a museum. Set up by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in 1964, it houses paintings, sculptures and other artefacts related to the history and culture of Goa. The church, facing west, contains a nave with three chapels on both the sides, a main altar and a choir. 

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