One of the most picturesque churches in Goa, this beautiful structure is located in Old Goa, near the Se Cathedral. Built in 1665 by Italian monks of the Order of Theatines, St Cajetan's Church is a fine example of Corinthian architecture. Niched within the external facade are four stunning statues of St Paul, St Peter, St John the evangelist and St Matthew.

The interior, also featuring Corinthian elements, displays Baroque, Rococo and Goan influences in gilded work. The main altar of the church is dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Providence. Originally called The Church of Our Lady of Divine Providence, the building of the church is constructed of laterite blocks that have been lime-plastered. The church’s façade has two towers on both sides that serve as belfry. On entering the church, one finds three altars on the left that are dedicated to the Holy family, Our Lady of Piety and St Clare. To the right are the altars of St John, St Cajetan and St Agnes. The largest of the altars on the right is dedicated to St Cajetan himself.

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