Plunging down a height of 300 m, this waterfall is one of the most spectacular sights in Goa, especially during the monsoon months. Its name implies a sea of milk in Konkani, owing, it is believed, to how the water looks as it cascades down an almost vertical cliff face - rich, white and foamy like pure milk. One of the most glorious waterfalls in the country, Dudhsagar Falls is set in the midst of spectacular scenery and overlooks a valley covered by the tropical forest of Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and Molem National Park in the Western Ghats. You can reach the falls via trekking through picturesque surroundings. 

Legend has it that once a wealthy ruler of the Western Ghats had an opulent palace in the hills that were surrounded by gardens, which had a large number of gazelles and deer. The king had a daughter who loved bathing in the picturesque lake during the summer months. After finishing her bath, the princess used to have sugared milk in a jug of pure gold. One day, after she had completed her daily routine, she saw a handsome prince watching her. As she was not dressed properly, she was embarrassed and to form an improvised curtain, the prince poured the sugared milk in front of her even as one of her maids rushed to cover her. The sugared milk poured down from the mountain and continued to flow in torrents as a tribute to the everlasting modesty of the princess of the ghats.

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