Let go and let live. Detox your past worries and give in to the sheer relaxation of a wellness retreat. A holiday in Goa is pure bliss with prolonged walks on the beach, a light breeze rustling through your hair, and the sea’s soothing sounds making you forget your daily anxieties. A busy travel plan loaded with activities and visits to popular places is the standard, common itinerary. But what if you need to break away from the sun and sea crowd to experience a peaceful wellness holiday in Goa?

There are plenty of yoga retreats in Goa and you can also practice it on your own in the comfort of your balcony or in a secluded corner of a beach. A Surya namaskar welcomes you to sunny Goa. A visit to one of the many spas is another way to de-stress those tired nerves and calm the mind. An invigorating massage is just what you need to completely rejuvenate yourself. Spas have an extensive list of oriental offerings for men and women. You can also enjoy the soothing benefits of Ayurveda in Goa. One of India’s ancient and traditional practices, Ayurveda offers mind and body healing experiences that will leave you completely recharged.

In Ayurveda, 'panchakarma' means five types of therapeutic measures of detoxification, which include advanced treatment for the evacuation of vitiated dosha (toxic materials) from the body. One can consider this as a body detox program. There are several subtypes of this therapy and different herbal massages, including steam and external oil treatments besides basti (medicated enemas), virechana (purgation through herbs), vamana (emesis through herbs), and nasya (nasal administration of oils.) These practices are extremely helpful in relieving deep seated diseases. They are also beneficial in maintaining and improving several aspects of your mental health.