Goa’s ‘little Russia’, known because of its popularity with Russian travellers, is a secluded paradise cut off from the bright lights, party sounds and constant stream of honking vehicles. These days this once lost land has been claimed by nirvana seekers looking for zen on remote shores. 

Visit Morjim Beach: Unlike its human visitors who come in to enjoy the tropical warmth, the beach is famed for its seasonal travellers who find the soft sands perfect for their nests. Morjim Beach has found favour with Olive Ridley turtle mothers who settle on this beach during the nesting period. This protected area is now looked after by the forest officials and concerned locals who keep a watch on the expectant mothers. 

You can enjoy a quiet time here in the many shacks

Fontainhas: It is an architectural feat of our ancestors, built as it is on mangroves. The narrow lanes and the double or single-storeyed homes with their distinct features and tales to tell are just some of the unique features. Today guest houses, cafes and restaurants offer visitors a multi-sensory experience. Fontainhas bears a combination of Indo-Western architectural features. While the Mangalore tiles on sloping roofs are a common feature, a closer observation of the facades highlights different influences. You can find hints of Italianate designs, Goan domestic architectural styles or Indian art deco as seen in Mangalvi Nivas on 31st January Road. Indeed, walking around the rest of the city with its unique raised plinth and rectangular layout can be a learning experience.