Welcome to Angriya, India’s first Domestic Cruise Liner that is all set to take you from Mumbai to Goa and back! Its name is inspired by the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, popularly known as the Shivaji of the Indian Sea. A fully-equipped cruise liner, Angriya is complete with great comforts and an experienced team of marine and hospitality personnel to ensure a best-in-class sailing experience with safe and sound navigation. 

Interesting facts about Angriya

Luxurious 7-deck, 131-meter long passenger ship built in Japan. A unique, first of its kind luxury cruise liner in India, Angriya is the first Class 4 RSPV (River Sea Passenger Vessel) registered under the DG Shipping of India. Propelled by 2 powerful Pielstick 18PC 2-6 engines generating 27000 BHP, which can achieve a speed of 25 knots. Built from experience, Angriya is the only vessel in India to be equipped with the best marine evacuation and emergency response systems. A committed team of 25 marine personnel and 60 hospitality personnel work incessantly 24/7 to give you a delightful sailing experience.

Charming Goa-Mumbai route

The charming route from Goa to Mumbai and back is a treat to every voyager. Not only does it have the wow effect, but it is also a much-untravelled route. In the sixties and until 1981, there were steamers that would ply from Mumbai to Goa. Later, these vessels were deployed to carry Indian peacekeeping troops to Sri Lanka, which never came back to the route again. As time passed, this memorable route was left untouched. The picturesque scenery that surrounded it, the majestic forts, and magical lighthouses hoard tremendous nostalgia even today. Angriya aims to rekindle these old memories again and bring the glory of the route back with this voyage. This is the perfect cruise to make invaluable memories with your family to treasure for life.

Amenities on-board