The Kalahastiswara Swamy Temple in Srikalahasti is an important Shaivite pilgrimage centre, which has earned it the moniker of Dakshina Kasi. Legend has it that a spider (sri), a snake (kala) and an elephant (hasti) chanced upon a linga in a forest and worshiped it-the spider spun a web around it, the snake placed stones nearby and the elephant brought water in his trunk to wash it. The sincere devotion of these three animals t to Lord Shiva was commendable . Therefore, the temple is named as Srikalhasthi, after them. The picturesque shrine stands by the Swarnamukhi River To the north of Kalahastiswara, atop a hillock is Durgambika Temple, accessible by a staircase cut into the slope. It offers stunning views of the Kalahstiswara Temple and the surrounding landscape. To its south is the Manikanteswara Temple, which was built under the Cholas in the 12th century. Pathala Ganapathi is a subterranean cave accessible by steep, narrow steps. There is usually a long queue to visit the cave,where only a few people are allowed at a time. There are numerous other shrines around the temple.