Located about 127 km away from Tirupati, Horsley Hills are named after WH Horsley, who was the collector of Kapada, between 1863-1867. It is said that he was in awe of the place and made a summer bungalow, which is now called the Forest Bungalow. The house is a beautiful structure made with tiles imported from England. According to local folklore, the place was originally known as Yenugu Mallamma Konda after Mallamma, a saintly lady said to be raised by elephants 300 years ago.

The hills stand at a height of 4,312 ft above sea level and cover lush green ranges of the southern part of the Eastern Ghats. The area is rich in a variety of flora and fauna. Eucalyptus, silver oak, mahogany, coffee, jacaranda, allamanda, gulmohar, red sanders and sandalwood are some of the trees found here. One can also spot fauna like panthers, sambars, wild boars, bears, four-horned antelopes, jungle-fowls, porcupine etc. The major attraction is the great Indian bustard, which is a fast disappearing species. The hills are also visited by migratory birds like the red-throated flycatcher, Montagu's harrier, blue-headed rock-thrush, ultramarine lycatcher etc.

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