Located around 71.5 km from Tirupati, Chittoor is known for its many temples that offer a sense of tranquility to its visitors. The landscape is covered with huge igneous rocks and as per legend these rocks are said to have been left by giants who used to play with them. The prime attraction in Chittoor is the Shiva temple at Kalavagunta, which dates back to the 7th century. It is a peaceful place situated at the end of the village. Other temples in the area include the Mogileshwara Shiva Temple and the Rama Temple at Venkatagiri.

The Rama Temple has jasmine trees in the courtyard, which bloom all year round. Apart from temples, the place has some ancient forts such as the Gurramkonda Fort, which dates back to 1714 AD. The Ragini Mahal is the best preserved part of the fort.

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