With a total area of 353 sq km, Sri Venkateswara National Park houses abundant flora and fauna. The star attractions here are slender lorises and stump-tailed macaques. Other wildlife that one can spot includes tiger, civet, jackal, blackbuck, panther, spotted deer, ibex, sloth bear, bonnet monkey, and many more. There are more than 100 species of birds found here such as the crested serpent eagle, ashy crowned finch lark, Indian roller, kingfishers, white-bellied woodpecker etc. Apart from rich fauna, there are more than 1,500 vascular plants in the region. The place also houses some popular waterfalls in its campus. Since it is teeming with wildlife, the park is sometimes referred to as a small zoo that gives shelter to various animals, reptiles, birds.

Other Attractions in Tirupati