Andhra Pradesh is a land of pristine beaches, sandy shores, and endless walks by the seashore. The state’s long coastline is a beach hiker’s paradise, each shore characterized with the charming beauty of its own. Andhra Pradesh is blessed with 972 kilometers of coastline. Sun, sand, and surf spreads across, with 21 beaches dotting its shores. While sun-kissed beaches make waves far and wide with tourists, there are a few beaches where you won’t be lost in a crowd. Where you can still sit back, stare at serene waters or make sandcastles from pristine sand.

While Vizag is serenaded by a number of beaches, the most popular among locals is Ramakrishna Beach. Also known as RK Beach, it’s the best place to watch Vizag come alive. For a quieter surrounding, and to take a dip into the waters, head to Yarada Beach. It’s a half-hour drive from Vizag, this beach has safe waters to swim in and is a great spot to spend idle moments. From the serene settings of Yarada, head to the azure waters of Rushikonda. A secluded beach, a natural rock structure called The Dolphin’s Nose, and watersports like jet skiing and wind-surfing - there’s a lot to experience along its clean shores.

End your beach hike with a trip down history’s lanes. Turn back the clock as you reach the coastal village of Bheemunipatnam. This former Dutch settlement, 25 kilometers north of Vizag, showcases sights from a colonial era. Along with untouched beaches, Bheemili - as it is commonly referred to as - is home to an ancient clock tower, an old Dutch cemetery, a lighthouse as well as a motley crew of sights and sounds that’ll take you back a few hundred years. So pack your bags, get ready to experience the best beach hikes in Andhra Pradesh, and make refreshing memories on one long coastline.