Spread over 625 acre, Indira Gandhi Zoological Gardens is situated amid Kambalakonda Reserve Forest where visitors can spot up to 80 species of animals. Located on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam, it is the third-largest zoo in the country and also has a biosphere learning centre and a library. Some of the common sightings here include tigers, pumas, panthers, lions, jaguars, rhesus monkeys, jackals, hyenas, wolves, elephants, spotted deer, sambar, ratels and baboons. The park also houses a number of reptiles like pythons, lizards and snakes. Painted storks, pied hornbills, peacocks and ducks are some of the birds you can come across at the park. It also houses a separate section for butterflies and moths. The walls of this section are decorated with pictures and information about these beautiful creatures. Tourists can also take a mini train ride inside the park and explore the entire area.

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