The beautiful Naulakha temple is dedicated to Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna and is about 2 km from the main town. Its architecture looks a lot like that of the Ramakrishna Temple in Belur, West Bengal. The shrine has beautiful idols of the deities that are about 146 ft high. The construction of Naulakha Mandir began with the donation of nine lakh rupees by queen Charushila of Pathuria Ghat, a royal family from Kolkata, and hence the temple has been endowed the name, 'naulakha' ('nau' meaning nine and 'lakha' meaning lakh).

The temple also houses an idol of saint Balananda Brahmachari, a saint on whose advise the temple was built. Legend has it that after the sudden demise of her husband, the queen left her home. Depressed and lonely, she met the saint who asked her to build the temple.

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