Beautiful terracotta temples, lush forests, scenic views as well as rich art and architecture attract tourists from all over the country to Bankura, located about 200 km from Kolkata. Endowed with a rugged topography of hills, Bankura also invites hikers and trekkers. Bankura is most popular as a city of temples and the Siddheswara Temple is a must-visit. Tourists can also visit Susunia Hill, Biharinath Hill and Koko Hill. A major attraction is the renowned Bankura horses that are used for both religious and decorative purposes. They are a fine example of terracotta craftsmanship and are distinguished by an erect neck and pointed ears. These horses are generally six inches to four feet in height and feature wide jaws. You can shop for these articles in Bishnupur, Nakaijuri, Kamardiha and Biboda, in West Bengal.

A short distance away lies Bishnupur, which is noted for its temples. The main attraction is the Madan Mohan Temple. During Govardhan Puja or Annakut, it draws a huge crowd . It is a spectacular sight to see hundreds gather and spread pieces of cloth to collect offerings of sanctified grain and rice thrown from the top of the temple.

Jairambati Temple, which is dedicated to Maa Sarada Devi of the Ramakrishna Monastic Order, is another popular attraction.

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