One of the first institutions of commercial Bengali theatre, Star Theatre is the cultural nerve of the city. Some of the first few motion pictures in Bengal made by Hira Lala Sen were screened here. The auditorium's acoustics are well known, and Star Theatre has at least 10 plays staged per month, especially in December and January. While the interiors have all been modernised, the facade remains heritage. Visitors can park in the underground space where a nominal fee is charged. The tramcars and their tracks add to the heritage charm of the place. Well-known personalities including Rabindranath Tagore, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Vidyasagar have visited here.


The theatre is located near the junction of Grey Street or Aurobindo Saranee and Cornwallis Street or Bidhan Saranee. Constructed in 1883 on Beadon Street, Star Theatre was moved to Cornwallis Street or Bidhan Sarani. The Star Theatre was returned to civic ownership in 2012 with an aim of stopping commercialisation. 

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