A prominent heritage site on the tourist circuit of the city, Writers Building is a 150-m-long monument that reflects the Greco-Roman style of architecture. The sprawling structure has 13 blocks, out of which six were added after India attained independence. The building is peppered with several statues of Greek gods, along with a sculpture of the Roman goddess, Minerva.

The building is located in BBD Bagh area, one of the busiest parts of Kolkata. Legend has it that the area got its name after the incident of the shooting of Lt Col NS Simpson, who was the Inspector General of Prisons. As he was notorious for his brutal treatment of Indian prisoners, three revolutionaries, Badal Gupta, Dinesh Gupta and Benoy Basu, disguised themselves as Europeans and shot the colonel. BBD Bagh was named after the initials of these three revolutionaries.

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