Dedicated to Pareshnath, the 23rd Jain tirthankar (saint), Pareshnath Temple is a popular stopover for devotees. It has four other temples inside its vast complex. These temples are devoted to four other avatars (holy preachers) of the Jain faith, namely, Chanda Prabhudevji, Dadagarudev Shri ji, Kushal Suri ji Maharaj and Lord Mahaveera, who was the last of the Jain tirthankaras. There is a ghee lamp in the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple that has been kept alight since the inception of the temple back in 1867. The temple floors are of white marble, symbolising the purity and the beauty of the heart.

Outside the temple are beautiful gardens with glass-mosaic blocks and European-style statues in silver. The pillars are inlaid with mirrors while there is stained glass in the windows. Apart from many flowers, there are water fountains spread across the complex. There is also a reservoir full of colourful fish and a stream flowing through. The entire temple complex is clean and well-maintained and has a unique spirituality in the atmosphere that attracts devotees from all faiths throughout the year. There is plenty more to see for the causal tourist - there is the idol of Lord Shitalnathji seated in the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple. His forehead is studded with diamonds and makes a popular attraction for tourists. Paintings by Ganesh Muskare, a well-known artist, adorn the walls of the complex. There are also many chandeliers or jhar battis that lend a surreal beauty to the temple, especially at night, when they are all lit up. The main temple is called the Paryushan and, in the month of Bhadrav (August/ September), the Jains observe ahimsa, listen to religious scriptures and indulge in charity.

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