A majestic pristine white structure, Town Hall is one of the most important heritage buildings of the city. Built in the Doric style of architecture, Town Hall has wide steps on the front that lead to a vast portico. The building was constructed in 1814 and is a two-storey structure that was used as a venue for balls, concerts, receptions and public meetings. These generally took place on the first floor that has a 30-ft-high ceiling and is boarded with shining teak. The building has a carriage entrance at the back under the portico.

Town Hall was built by architect and engineer Major General John Garstin (1756-1820) with Rs 700,000 that was raised from a lottery. Initially, the public was allowed to use the hall on the terms and conditions fixed by the government. There were statues and huge portraits on the ground floor that the public could come and see, but access to the upper storeys was limited. When the Town Hall came under the custody of the Calcutta Municipality (now Kolkata Municipal Corporation) in 1867, it was renovated in parts. �

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