Soaked in historical charm, the 11th-century town of Nabadwip lies about 130 km from Kolkata. It is peppered with ancient temples and grand monuments, all of which preserve vestiges of its glorious past, when Nabadwip was the capital of the Sena empire under king Ballal Sen and king Lakshman Sen, who ruled between 1159 and 1206.

The town is renowned for its temples and learning centres, where one can know about the different aspects and philosophies of life and humanity. Tarakashastra, India�s first school of logic based on the Navya Nyaya system, was established here. Some accomplished logicians of the 15th century also studied here. The Baishnaba, Shakta, Buddha and Shaiva religions flourished here. Rash Utsab or the Ras Lila, also known by several other names including Pat Purnima, Rash Kali Puja or Shakta Rash, is the main festival of Nabadwip.

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