Popular as West Bengal's Disneyland, Nicco Park is located in Salt Lake City. It is a fascinating site that makes for a great day out, for children and adults alike. There are around 35 rides including a toy train, tilt-a-whirl, magic carpet, paddle boat, water chute, water coaster, flying saucer, pirate ship, and river caves. There is a 40-ft-high waterfall and a pretty rose garden, and these views are visible as panoramas from the park's cable car rides and the Eiffel Tower. There is even a decommissioned MIG-21 fighter plane. Nicco Park has one of Asia's largest Giant Cyclones. The park is designed to provide 'educational recreations'  fun with learning. At the entrance of each ride, details are given about the scientific principles behind how each ride works. You can also visit Wet-o-Wild, their water park, or see a rain dance performance or a 4D movie. Besides, you visit kiosks for snacks, along with shops selling souvenirs.

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