A unique neighbourhood in Kolkata, Kumartoli is renowned for its tradition of making clay idols for the Durga puja celebrations. Located on the banks of the Hooghly river, this potter's hub is home to around 30 women artisans and many talented male artisans, who create beautiful clay idols of Hindu gods and goddesses. Most of these idols feature Goddess Durga, a lion said to be her mount and Mahishasur, the demon she is believed to have slain.

These are supplied to barowari pujas around the city and surrounding areas and are also exported. A few weeks before Durga puja, the focus is on making idols of the goddess. And the puja at Kumartoli itself is well-known as one of the oldest of Kolkata.

The process of making clay idols is an intricate one. It takes place in workshops that comprise a working space, a storage space for materials and idols, and places for cooking, eating and sleeping.

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