The largest library of the country by volume, the National Library boasts an extensive collection of books, featuring more than two million copies. The library also holds India's public records. The collection, dissemination and preservation of all printed material produced in the country are done here.


Sprawled over an area of 30 acre, the library has a majestic architecture that reflects colonial bearings. Tall pillars and high arches, along with green doors set against a pristine white structure, present a beautiful picture. Tourists can admire other features like Roman beams, off-white ceilings and Corinthian pillars. The library also preserves antique fireplaces, fine dining tables and a grandfather clock brought from London. The building is located amidst lush gardens that add to the serenity of the library. You can enjoy a quiet stroll in the campus and capture picturesque views in your lens.

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