Located around 100 km from Kolkata, the beautiful island of Gangasagar lies on the Ganges Delta or the Sunderbans. Also known as Sagar Island or Sagardwip, it boasts a beautiful beach with silver sands and a calm sea with the blue sky forming a charming backdrop. This secluded and unspoilt beach lies on the estuary of the Ganges river. An old lighthouse adds a vintage charm to the beach, from where you can get splendid views of sunrises and sunsets. Gaze in awe as the burning orb of the sun slides down the horizon or peeks above it, painting the sky in myriad shades of red and orange.


The island is also a popular pilgrimage point that draws huge footfalls during the festival of Makar Sankranti in mid-January. Devotees come from all over the region to take a dip in the holy Ganga river. One of the biggest fairs of West Bengal the Gangasagar Mela is also organized during this time. After the Kumbh Mela, this is the second-largest congregation of Hindu pilgrims. The Naga Sadhus who live in camps and perform their rituals also visit the Gangasagar Mela. They are known for the various forms of yoga that they perform. Some of them have white paint smeared on their bodies.

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