A cluster of red brick buildings tucked away in the city of Kolkata, Bow Barracks is one of the busiest neighbourhoods. It was built to house the soldiers of World War I and was later turned into apartments for the Anglo-Indian population of the city.

The best time to visit Bow Barracks is during Christmas festivities when the neighbourhood is transformed into a wonderland. The celebrations kick off a week prior to Christmas and the grotto, which is the praying spot for people, is decorated to the hilt. A spruced up Christmas tree laden with baubles and a crib are laid out, and a star is hung on the balcony of almost every flat.

During the celebrations, various events and programmes are organised and food is distributed to the poor and the needy. Sports events like football matches are also held. In the evening, the entire area is lit up with fairy lights and melodious tunes of carols can be heard in the background. Swings for children and musical programmes for adults are organised as well. Moreover, locals set up stalls and sell authentic delicacies.

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