Located on the eastern bank of River Mahanadi, around 50 km from Raipur, Rajim is referred to as prayaga of Chattisgarh on account of the confluence of three nearby rivers -- Mahanadi, Pairi and Sandhu. A major centre for the Vaishnavites, it is also known as Shaiva dharma centre.

There are many legends associated with Rajim Kumbh. Of the most popular is oral tradition where Lord Vishnu asks the chief architect of the universe, Lord Vishwakarma to construct an earthly abode-cum-temple for him at a place that has not been defiled by dead or burnt carcasses or in cremation to a periphery of around 10 miles. Unfortunately, Lord Vishwakarma could not find any such place and returned. It was then that Lord Vishnu hurled a lotus flower on earth and told Lord Vishwakarma to make a temple at the site where the lotus flower fell.

Thus, Rajim was created. Another legend has it that king Ratnakar, who once ruled here, was a pious and religious person. During a yajna, several demons attacked and disturbed him. In a state of helplessness, he called for the gods to help him. This happened even as his royal elephant Gajendra was struggling for life as he was caught by a crocodile called Grah. Lord Vishnu appeared, saved the elephant and blessed the king and promised to stay on earth as Rajim Lochan.


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