Noted for applique and patchwork, the village of Pipli is located about 40 km from Puri. Visitors can buy umbrellas, handbags, puppets, purses, wall hangings, bedspreads, cushion covers, pillow covers, lampshades, lanterns and more. The tarasas or heart-shaped wooden pieces made here are used in the chariots during festivities.

In fact, in the Chandan Yatra (sandalwood voyage), there are processions in which the deities are covered with chattris (cenotaphs) made of applique work. This applique work dates back to ancient times. It involves embroidering and stitching small pieces of cloth with depictions of flowers, animals, village scenes and other traditional designs on a larger cloth that forms the base. Cotton cloth is used for the base as well as for the patches. Different, vibrant colour combinations are conceptualised and then recreated by the talented village folk of Pipli. In order to reach this village, auto rickshaws are the only mode of transport. And whenever one is travelling to Pipli, one must keep a photo ID handy (it is a good idea to carry your Voter ID card) as there are two BSF check posts on the route.

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